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Capturing the perfect angle of a tiny glass product (performing product photography) or any other small thing is always a challenging task. Even for a highly practiced professional photographer, it’s a tricky job as well. Generally it’s believed that in product photography studio anything can be done even if it is beyond reach. Keeping them in mind, we are proud to offer an engorged photo studio with upcoming visualization technologies that will practically offers you brilliant product images beyond any stereotyped frame.

Winbiz Series A is a perfect solution that can be used for best product photography of small items, such as wine bottle, glass products, jewelry, skin care or any small beauty products and other demanding objects like tiny showpieces, watches, gifts, shoes etc. In order to get the best shots the device has been equipped with an adequate light-box. It offers a streamline appearance of the small product, inner wall makes the light soft and uniform that the product gets proper focus from any angle.

Apart from other key features we offer WinBiz 360 degree turntable software which will come up with the best view of the product from every angle. Any tiny or light products those are below 15 kg can be easily captured with our series A. It automatically removes background from any item, within just 4 to 5 minutes you will get 4 exceptional quick shots of a specific product with the perfectly cleared background. The image is automatically processed on and in the end the image is auto-edited and will come out as 360 product animation in HTML5, SWF, AVI format because it uses Auto-imaging system.

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