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Winbiz is the best way to innovate a new breed of automated product photography software that is truly beyond conventional image editing and mare output programs. We offer:

  • Innovative software and hardware solution that will bring the best views of your product and make it lucrative to the customers.
  • Within just 4 to 5 minutes you will get 4 exceptional quick shots of a specific product with the perfectly cleared background.
  • Whatever may be the industries you are treading in, with Winbiz photography solution you can turn your product into a live one and get it clear with all dimension.


We excel in innovative features as:

  • Take pictures and 360 degree product images with pure white background
  • Computer controlled photography automates image capture and processing
  • Built in transparent photography turntable
  • High color rendering LED Lamps
  • Produce 360 product animation in HTML5, SWF, AVI format
  • One click image capture, batch saving and stitching.
  • Panorama mode for creating 360 product view with finely zoom and image tagging facilities.
  • Full camera control via compatible software suited with Canon and Nikon SLR came



Flexible hardware design for shooting inside an enclosed studio or on an open bottom lit photo bench.


Turntable calibration utility ensures accurate angular positioning over time. It makes easier for all to create 360 product image


Custom define and save image captures sequence utilizing multiple cameras and batch saving

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Detailing Devils

We use so many products in our car restoration and detailing studio for car detailing purpose. Winbiz has done a wonder in presenting the perfect images of those products. All the turntable images of these products has immediately raised our online selling. We thank team winbiz for their perfect skill of creating best 360 degree images for our website!!


After we use WinBiz, everything changed! All of our eyeglasses appear to be live with Winbiz automated photography shoot. We need no more time to spend on PS since we don’t have to do it at all for editing or retouching it! The pictures are perfect already that has enhanced the online sale as well.

Coating Daddy

With Winbiz software you get all the views of one product. In just a few clicks, you can intuitively create high definition images and Flash animations of products. This solution significantly improves our production, improved our marketing, advertising and sales structure.


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